When setting up a Billing Account for a Client, you might need to use different types of packages instead of a fixed one.

This feature requires that a few elements are set up within techShip prior to its usage:

PART #1 - Setting up the custom boxes

Set up the Boxes you wish to use as indicated in this article: https://support.techdinamics.com/solution/articles/238759-how-to-add-standard-box-types-to-a-client-step-by-step-guide-; Once you do so, you will have a set of boxes under that specific Client's profile:

PART #2 - Mapping the custom boxes to the Carrier's

1. Access Carriers under the Maintenance Dropdown

2. Select the Carrier to which you will map the boxes

3. Select the Package Type Mappings tab

4. Click the Add Mapping button

5. Select the Package Type from the carrier to which you wish to map your custom box

6. Write the custom box name exactly as you had defined it in Step 1 

7. Press Save to apply the changes (repeat step 5-8 for as many box types as necessary)

PART #3 - Changing the Package Type from fixed to variable in the Client Profile

1. Access Clients under the Maintenance menu

2. Click on the Client related to the setup

3. Edit the Billing Account related to the setup

4. Select the Carrier Options tab

5. Change the Package Type to [Mapped Box Name]

6. Press Save to apply the changes

PART #4 - Using the mapped Package types

When importing the Orders, instead of using Fast Import, use Refresh to be able to select the box type before importing as detailed in this article: https://support.techdinamics.com/solution/articles/239536-import-orders-which-don-t-have-weight-or-dimensions-in-the-wms-step-by-step-guide-

WARNING: The carton names in your WMS must match with the box names you use in techShip. For example, in 3PL it should map with the Description Field of the Package Detail: