When processing orders, you might come across the "Authentication 250002 – Invalid Authentication Information" error.

NOTE: This article refers to UPS REST connections. If you're still using UPS SOAP, update the password of your Baseline Account with the current one your account is usinge location of the checkbox may vary on the Carrier Options tab depending on the Carrier account you're working with

This error could be related to:

  • UPS service interruptions
  • UPS token registration error

Depending on the case, follow the solutions below:


It is possible that UPS API can be down temporarily, and that this error is displayed.

You can verify the UPS API status here: Shipping API Monitor

If such is the case, you can retry processing later without any setup changes required.


If your UPS token was changed, or disabled by UPS, you can re-register it to correct any issues.

To do so, follow the steps from this article from the Carrier Section onwards (How to set up a UPS Baseline account [Step-by-Step guide]) but using the Register button instead.