When processing orders you might come across the "2488 ERROR Invalid ShipmentSpecialServiceType" error.

This error is shown when you are trying to process an order using FedEx One Rate, but either:

  • FedEx One Rate is not enabled for the account you are trying to use to process the order

  • You're attempting to process an order through a One Rate non-compatible service, such as Ground and Ground Home Delivery (as stated by FedEx, It is for FedEx Express U.S. domestic package services only: FedEx One Rate - F.A.Q.

You can either:

A) Contact your FedEx representative or manager to request activation of FedEx One Rate for your account

B) Change the Service Level to one compatible with FedEx One Rate options as detailed in 06 - How to change an order’s Service Level - [Step-by-Step guide], making sure your packaging option is FedEx One Rate compatible as well, as detailed in Setting up and using FedEx One Rate [Step-by-Step guide]

C) Disable FedEx One Rate temporarily from your Billing Account in techShip in order to process the order some other way, using regular rates

Feel free to follow the step-by-step guide written below or the video guide, as you prefer:

To solve this issue, make sure you have tried to solve this issue with options A and B previously described, since these are definitive solutions 

If as a workaround, temporarily managing without FedEx One Rate is an option while you work on A and/or B, you can temporarily disable it by:

1. Accessing Clients under the Maintenance menu


2. Clicking on the client related to the order

3. Editing the Billing Account related to the order and error


4. Selecting the Carrier Options tab

5. Unchecking FedEx One Rate

6. Pressing Save to apply the changes