When processing orders you might come across the "consignment.networkCode:1021:Validation:Service Denied" error.

This error is shown when one or both issues is present for the order:

1) The Postal Code used in an order is missing or does not have a correct format; if this is the case, follow the instructions in this article, if that doesn't solve the issue, proceed as described in the next point

2) The service level you're trying to use to process the order is not enabled by DPD for your account; if this is the case, reach DPD and request the service activation

Feel free to follow the step-by-step guide written below or the video guide, as you prefer:

NOTE: To verify if a Postal Code is valid, do not rely on user-fed/collaborative services like Google/Bing Maps, since they are prone to errors or mismatches.
For official confirmation use government-owned sources (Canada Post for Canada, USPS for USA, Royal Mail for Great Britain, etc).

To do so:

1. Find the order through any of the possible ways (after Import Orders, Batches, Order History, etc) as it applies to the case

2. Click the edit button of the order you wish to change

3. Change the Postal Code depending on the case

4. Press Save to apply the changes

If the rest of the information in the order is correct, you will be able to process it.