Tickets are prioritized, assigned and worked based on their TYPE and PRIORITY.

We have defined 5 different tickets' types to classify the type of interaction with Techdinamics and resolution/response times, facilitating this way fast and effective resolution in case of urgent/high incidents, that is when you need us most.


By default, all tickets created by email have Low Priority; until that ticket is reviewed by Requestor/Account Manager/Support Team and the priority is revised as applicable.


Priority is a category used to identify the relative importance of an Incident, Problem or Change.  Priority is based on Impact and Urgency, and it is used to identify the required times for actions to be taken.



A measure of the effect of an Incident, Problem or Change (a measure of the extent of the Incident and of the potential damage caused by the Incident before it can be resolved).


A measure of how long it will be until an Incident, Problem or Change has a significant Impact on the Business.  For example, a High Impact Incident may have low Urgency, if the Impact will not affect the Business until the end of the financial year.


While the Customer has the ability to change a ticket's priority based on IMPACT/URGENCY, please consider that the priority will be revised by Techdinamics if found not to be accurate or abuse is detected.