When processing orders, you might need to configure surcharges manually if these are not coming from the Carriers directly.

NOTE: This feature is available for techShip Plus and techShip Enterprise portals only, and is turned on upon request. If you need to use this feature and it's not turned on, please reach techSHIP support via ticket to do so.

Configuring surcharges will allow you to rate shipments with more precision, matching any additional charges that could be applied by the carrier but are not provided straight ahead as you process orders.

The surcharges you set up will be applied in the following order:


  • Regular Usage (percentage only):

            Surcharge = Carrier charge + Carrier charge * Surcharge Percent

  • Combined values (percentage and fixed value):

            Markup = Carrier charge + (Carrier charge) * Surcharge Percent + Fixed Surcharge

Feel free to follow the step-by-step guide written below or the video guide, as you prefer:

To set a surcharge up you will have to:

1. Access Carriers under the Maintenance menu

2. Click on the Carrier for which you like to set the surcharge

3. Select the Surcharge tab

4. Click the Add Surcharge button

5. Complete the fields accordingly:

  • Type: Type of surcharge you will set up
  • Start/End date: Beginning and expiration date of the surcharge, period while it will be applicable
  • Percent: Percentage over the base charge received
  • Amount: Fixed amount to apply to the Base Charge + Percentage

6. Press Save to apply the changes