When using predefined boxes, it might be convenient to have the barcodes at the packing line, instead of typing dimensions or selecting the box from the dropdown in the Desktop Client.

You can now download the barcodes in a ready to print file to have them at hand. 

NOTE: Take into consideration that you can consider any kind of packaging as a box (box, skid, etc).

NOTE: This feature only works with the techSHIP Desktop Client, since it's the only application at the moment that can take input from scanner devices.

Feel free to follow the step-by-step guide or watch the video, as you prefer:

To download Predefined Boxes barcodes you will have to:

1. Select the Clients option under the Maintenance Dropdown

2. Click on the client which has the boxes you will download the barcodes for

3. Select the Boxes tab

4. Click the Download desktop barcodes button

After doing so, techSHIP will download a PDF file containing the barcodes as well as the name of the box below each one for reference.