While attempting to import orders by BIN# you can come across the "Error: Server returned error Forbidden Forbidden ; ETag: ; Response body:{"$type":"WMS.V2.Generic.Models.Exceptions.

AuthorizationException, WMS.V2.Generic.Models","Message":"AuthorizationException {ErrorCode UserNotAuthorizedForActionOnResource}","ErrorCode":"UserNotAuthorizedForActionOnResource(...)" message:

This happens when the user techSHIP is using to connect to he WMS does not have permissions for this action. Since this is not a techSHIP issue, you will have to contact Extensiv's Support.

When doing so, make sure you clarify and/or provide:

  • The user credentials you are reaching Extensiv through
  • That the role needed to access is https://api.3plcentral.com/rels/orders/ordersbybin

Once done and addressed, try importing by Bin#, and the error should not pop up again.