When configuring your Portals, techShip allows you to set up Client and Billing Account profiles

As these become unused and temporarily or permanently close operation, you might delete them in order to keep your Portal clean of unused elements.

Nevertheless, if at any point you wish to Restore previously deleted Clients or Billing Accounts, you can do so in a few easy steps.

Feel free to follow the step-by-step guide written below or the video guide, as you prefer: 

To set up a Client you will have to:

1. Access Clients under the Maintenance menu

2. Click the Active/All switch to enable/disable visibility of the Deleted accounts

3. Click on the deleted Client Name (identifiable as they are crossed out) to access it and its accounts

4. Press the Restore button on the Client profile (A) and/or Billing Account (B) accordingly

5. Confirm the action by pressing OK in the confirmation pop-up

If successful, the strike through will be removed from the line and the Client/Account will become available again.